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Doyenne - the most respected or prominent woman in a particular field. Created and designed for the Doyenne who inspire and shape the future of our world.

"Getting to see and understand the level of craftsmanship, design and passion that

Chance Mystère put into the making of each hand stitched bag in the brand’s studio was so inspiring - beautiful items that are made to love and last.

Each bag is made to order so there’s no surplus stock.

Chance Mystere - forever learning, inspiring and evolving in style - like the Doyenne herself"

Illustrated and quoted by JOANNA LAYLA


New Tote Collection



Doyenne Tote


Perfect for a couples workshop class that want to make something special for each other.

The concept is when you put both your products together the croc pattern aligns and becomes one from the same piece of leather.


"Our lives fit together so perfectly that I know we were made for each other."



Meet The Mascots


Mr Croco

Crocodiles have the strongest bite of any animal in the world and have survived and thrived for over 50 million years. Mr Croco remind us that, in life, we cannot always be gentle and placid.

He is considered to be very courageous.


Mr Nono

Rhino's have a strong and thick skin body figure that helps them walk through large and sharp thorn bushes without noticeable discomfort. Mr Nono has a single horn on his head which he uses to protect others in harm's way. He is a protector in the metropolis of Chance Mystère and will always protect his friends, he is known to be strong and brave. Unaccountably mistrustful of strangers, his periodic bouts of rage is usually calmed and controlled by Miss Elo in the metropolis. Yes, he has a crush on Miss Elo for some time.


Miss Elo

Elephant's are gentle giants, who show great care toward their herd, offspring and elders. She is known for her Wisdom & Loyalty and is the go to friend for advice in the metropolis of Chance Mystère.

Miss Elo does like Mr Nono but won't give in to his charms so easily.



Named after the word Magic. The unicorn is a mythological animal which has magical powers that can heal sicknesses and grant wishes of those who are pure of heart. Our director designed a unicorn because he is a firm believer in hope and faith, he believes the world is full of magic and anything is possible.

A big dreamer himself he quotes

“Take a CHANCE,

Life is full of MYSTERY”

thus the name




Named after and dedicated to our founder’s Chinese zodiac sign. The rabbit is a tame and tender animal with traits of creativity, compassion and sensitivity. Because of her attributes Magique is always watching over her and protects her in any harms ways. Chloe has a special bond with Magique.

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