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What is The Workshop?

Chance Mystère Workshop provides a platform for our clients to personally experience the production of our leather products. We offer an entirely interactive workshop where clients can be guided through the process of hand-stitching the product which they have chosen.  They have the discretion as to what product they want to make, what type of leather they want to use, and even the colour-combination of different layers of the product. We believe this experience is a great gift idea that provides sentimental value to each product made.


We distinguish ourselves from other leather workshops elsewhere because we are the only workshop in London which uses premium and exotic leathers, in the preparation of the material packs. We believe that our customers have the kind of appreciation towards premium quality leather and traditional hand-stitching method like we do. We hope to provide the best experience to the customers and at the same time learn and improve from your feedbacks.

What products can you make in the Workshop? 

A selection of leather products such as cardholders, wallets and passport covers are available for clients to contribute in the making process and will be hand stitching the whole product yourself.

We have different variety of colours and leathers for clients to choose from. However, if you already have your favourite colours in mind, please contact us to discuss before you book.

How to book the Workshop class?


To visit the workshop a minimum £200 deposit payment is required, you can select 'Workshop Deposit' option if you are flexible with any product choices we have available to make on the day, this option will allow you to see a full range of products we have available in variety of different leathers and colours to choose from.

We will then minus the workshop deposit from the total product price you have chosen.


If you already know what you would like to make please choose the relevant workshop class in the selections. You can decide the colours among which is in stock upon arrival.


If you wish to order a specific colour/leather, please contact us to discuss first.

How long is the Workshop class? 

All workshops are designed to be finished in one day so that clients can bring the finished product home on the same day. Classes usually start from 10am and aim to finish before 5pm (lunch break included), the exact finishing time depends on the abilities of each person and the product chosen.

Please contact us for date availabilities.

Is the workshop price the same as buying a product directly? 

Yes. The workshop service is complimentary for any client who purchase a leather product and choose to contribute in the making process. we created this platform to give our clients the opportunity to passionately stitch the product you have chosen to add sentimental value to your fully customisable product.

Any experience required? 

Absolutely no. Our professional team will assist and teach you every process to make sure your product is good to go.

Can I bespoke an item that is not in your collection to do a workshop? 

We do accept bespoke items, a pattern fee will be applied.

Please contact us to discuss. 

Is there any extra fees in the workshop? 

We offer hot stamping service which is not included in the price, we charge £20 for normal foil and £50 for 22k gold or silver foil.