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Chance Mystère is a London-based premium leather goods brand which was founded in 2015. It is the go-to for every person who is looking for exclusive leather goods of unique designs and superior quality to suit his/her distinctive personality. Being the specialist in crafting timeless leather goods, we aim at providing our customers with fully hand-made premium quality leather goods. Here at Chance Mystère, we are committed to making every single step of our production precise by handcrafting the products with the finest leather.

​While seeking to keep the tradition of saddle-stitching alive, the young and creative minds behind the brand continue to develop and discover new ideas to incorporate innovative and trendy elements into the classic and timeless designs. By employing the time-honoured production method, our products are the perfect integration of simplicity with a wealth of connotations.

Chance Mystère is a young brand with a lot of dynamic and energy, hence it will not be rigidified into a fixed mode. Instead, we hope to continue growing the brand over time through various encounters, be it between different designs, or between the brand and its customers. 

- Take a CHANCE, life is a MYSTERY

Chloe Chan.png



Before stepping into the fashion business, Chloe worked in the financial industry back in Hong Kong. She then decided that her real passion lies in fashion.


To pursue her dream, Chloe gave up her career in Hong Kong and graduated in Fashion Management at London College of Fashion. She founded Chance Mystere during her studies at LCF which was for a uni project.

She always had a special love towards well made premium exotic

leather products and created Chance Mystère to learn about the industry and wanted to create a brand that gave people a better understanding and appreciation of exotic leathers.


Chloe is a person of action. She knows the way to achieve the goals which she has set. With her sensitivity in numbers and a sharp business mind, she is the right person to be in charge of setting out the business plan for the development of the brand. She also coordinates each party to work closely so that the brand runs smoothly.

Jacky Do.png



As the Director and Co-Founder of the CM Workshop,  Jacky implements the brand culture into every aspect of Chance Mystère.

Jacky actually started off as a graphic designer and successfully helped several companies with rebranding. He also learnt about tailoring because he is true fan of all things bespoke and appreciates the use of premium materials in creating exceptionally well made luxury products.

"I was always curious about how things were made and how it aged.

I soon realised that the longevity of a product was based on great craftsmanship and the use of high quality beautiful materials, thats how I fell in love everything bespoke, handmade and hand stitched, being part of Chance Mystère combines all of those, which I am passionate about."


He enjoys everything related to art and design whilst being an enthusiast in photography, for him, the best photos are those that capture great moments in life. 

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